Our Vision
To see borders define & unite people, rather than divide us.
Our Purpose
Develop opportunities for the youth within Sustainable Environments.
Creating leaders, managers & entrepreneurs of the 2030 generation.

Embracing ‘The Sense of Adventure’ with Africa and Europe having over 1 billion youth under 35 this represents a massive need and yet like all challenges an opportunity at the same time.

In the beginning…

Finding a Land Rover in the Cradle of Humankind, restoring it in Chartwell SA and re-naming it, Winston, gave birth to Rob’s idea to drive across Africa to Chartwell House, the ancestral home of Sir Winston Churchill in the UK.

Like all good things, the idea developed to have a series of Heritage Land Rovers join the mission as a team and tribute to the leading role Land Rover has served over time and continues to do so for many who pursue such ventures in life and business.

Planning for c2c was disrupted by the upheaval of Covid and whilst the c2c leaders were undeterred, it was seen that our youth were at a loss;

Often lacking knowledge and practical life skills traditionally gained from the experience of travel, outdoor living, artisan training, serving in the Forces or being led through the ‘school of hard knocks’ to overcome such challenges; The c2c22 Mission was seen as a way to address this.

THE c2c22 Land Rover Mission

Cover +/-20,000 from Chartwell SA to Chartwell House in the UK. Return The Land Rover ‘Winston’ to the UK, establishing c2c Missions. Raise R5million toward developing opportunities for youth within sustainable environments

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